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Tint My Light

Smoked Tail Light Tint for Tesla Model 3 by Tint My Light

Smoked Tail Light Tint for Tesla Model 3 by Tint My Light

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Enhance the sleek and stylish look of your Tesla Model 3 while adding a touch of mystery with our Smoked Taillight Tint. Designed specifically for the Model 3, these tints provide a custom fit and a seamless integration with your vehicle's lights.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality Materials: Our smoked taillight tints are crafted from a high-performance translucent softened PVC film. With UV-stabilizers and a glossy surface, these covers maintain their pristine look even after prolonged exposure to the sun and other harsh elements.
  2. Easy Installation: The included installation instructions guide you through the process, allowing you to transform your tail light in no time. No need to remove or disassemble your lights – simply apply the pre-cut overlays to the exterior.
  3. Weather and Wear Resistant: Engineered to withstand any weather conditions, high speeds, debris, and even pressured car washes, our headlight covers offer long-lasting protection. They will not crack, yellow, shrink, or peel over time, keeping your Tesla Model 3 looking stunning for years to come.
  4. Removable and Non-Damaging: While our tints are designed to be a permanent enhancement, they can be easily removed without causing any damage to your lights. So, if you ever decide to change up the look or restore the original headlights, you can do so effortlessly.
  5. Uncompromised Visibility: Our smoke tint is carefully crafted to maintain optimal light transmission, ensuring that your headlights provide excellent visibility on the road, day or night.
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